New Books to Share!

By Lisa J. Amstutz

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve written - there’s been a lot going on. But I wanted to share some great news with you. January was an exciting month, with the release of nine new educational market books. As always, Capstone Press did a fabulous job of putting these together and they turned out beautifully. Here’s a peek at what’s new!

Gardening Guides
Books in this series offer a range of gardening projects for the young reader. Gardeners will find tips and techniques along with step-by-step instructions accompanied with full-color photographs that make every planting project fun and easy. From an indoor fairy garden to an outdoor vegetable patch, these projects will spark the creativity of every level of gardener. Read more about each title here.

Backyard Bird series

Four new titles in the Backyard Bird series were released this month. Each book in this series introduces readers to songbirds they might encounter in their own backyards. Readers learn basic facts about each bird, including habitat, behavior, life cycle, and identifying characteristics for their own bird-watching experience. Simple, informative text is supplemented with full-color photographs and range maps. Learn more at

The Science Behind Track and Field

Behind every long stride, high-flying pole vault, and perfectly controlled discus throw, science is at work. As a high jumper takes off, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. A discus thrower builds up momentum while spinning. Find out how science is involved in Olympic track and field events and how athletes take science into account in their quest for the gold medal. See for more details.

All of these books are available from my Amazon store. You can also purchase them directly from Capstone or through most major online retailers.

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