"Peer Review"

By Lana Wayne Koehler

Squirrels. The bane of my existence! They have been a part of my life ever since we moved to our home over 20 years ago. Kent State University once did an experiment with black squirrels and, when they were done, set them loose on the community. Because of that, we are overrun with black squirrels, grey squirrels with black tails, and every combination you can think of. 
I love to sit and watch them play in my yard—until they dig up my flowers to plant their nuts or do some other destructive activity. Yet, somehow, they intrigue me enough to keep watching.
When Michelle Barnes asked Julie Fogliano for a May challenge on Today’s Little Ditty (https://michellehbarnes.blogspot.com), she suggested that we look out our window and write a poem about what we see.
So I wrote about squirrels.
By Lana Wayne Koehler
With their
Chattering, climbing, jumping,
The way they leave hickory nut shells
On the previously white railing
Scampering up to my window
To peer into my life
Like I peer into theirs
Waiting for me
To watch them
© 2018 Lana Wayne Koehler. All rights reserved.