Photo Prompts for Writer’s Block

By Gloria G. Adams

I used to tell people I didn’t believe in writer’s block. I have too many ideas, more than I will ever be able to write about. But, writer’s block isn’t always about finding new ideas; it can manifest in struggling to make your story work, your characters become stronger and more relatable, your world-building more exciting and different. All of it can be really frustrating. 

But if you are struggling with finding a great inspiration for a story, images might be a good place to start. 

How can pictures inspire you? Think about going to an art museum or looking at paintings or photography in books. Images evoke feelings inside us that a short string of words (a word prompt) just can’t manage.

So, here are a few images to spark your imagination and hopefully inspire some new stories. As you look at each one, ask yourself questions. What has happened to this person and what will be the consequences for him/her? What kind of world is this and what different, scary, funny, etc. events could happen here? How can I describe this person, world, event? What sensory details can I bring to this picture?

Ready? Set? Get inspired!